Getting Started with Go

Whether you’re just interested in the language, or have started a new job and are expected to know Go, the absolute best place to start is right here, so that you can see this link to the Tour of Go from the official site. You really can’t beat it to get an initial rundown on how Go works and get you started with using it.

This site is a bit of a test for me, to play with cloud hosting, docker and WordPress amongst other things. As a side benefit, hopefully it can become a good resource for those wanting to learn go, or get some additional insights. It also means that I’ll try things, break things, have outages, data loss, not update for periods of time, and just have a generally relaxed approach to things.

On this page I plan to put some extra notes about getting started that aren’t on the official Tour of Go. Things like:

  • Where to install Go on Linux
  • How do I just run a specific file?
  • How do I import local directories? And when should you do it?
  • What is a decent editor/IDE to use? VSCode/GoLand/Atom?

I’ll also have a bit of a quick reference section for a reliable source of things that i regularly search for. This might live on a separate page. Things like:

The last component will be a blog, this will have regular content as well as “deep dives” into specific topics that I find interesting or that other people find interesting. I imagine they’ll be only rarely useful, but hopefully interesting to some! It is possible that the blog will drift into other areas i like, you’ll notice these when they come up as they won’t revolve entirely around Go.